Monday, February 14, 2011


I traded Melanie some of my furniture stash for this beauty.
 I'd guess it was made sometime in the mid 70's.
 Long before I was born!

Primed it (sorry, no picture of that step) with Kilz spray primer.
Then gave it 3 coats of Krylon" Bauhaus Gold" spray paint.

 I used Ralph Lauren "smoke" glaze. I applied it pretty heavily and then wiped it off to my liking. 
Finished it off with two coats of Minwax semi-gloss polycrylic. Good stuff. Adds a really hard, strong top coat and doesn't turn brown/yellow like polyurethane does.
It sits underneath our TV and stores some of the kids toys. 
Still haven't found the perfect knobs yet, which I'm really in no hurry to do since the kids toys are now trapped inside. :) My oldest two have figured out how to pry it open, but it still keeps number 3 & 4 out!
What do ya think of the color? Too crazy? Too bold? 
Nah, it's gonna look good with the paint I've picked out for the walls 
and the fabric I bought for the curtains. 

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  1. Love the color and I love anything that you can toss toys into to clean up really quick. Can't wait to see the curtains when they are done.