Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kitchen before and after...

 Unless you've been to our house you can't truly know how ugly the current paint is. It's really bad! Just a gross yellowy band-aid color. It's bad! And it's throughout the entire house. Slowly, we're changing it. Slowly!

Before... (ignore the mess. I still had to be 'mom' during the painting process) Ugly, right!!??

 And yes, that's the screen door leaning up against the back door.  Apparently one of the kids didn't realize the screen was shut and went right through it. Just added to the chaos while I was trying to paint.

AFTER... Love the color but hate that giant light! The kids call it the 'bathtub light'.

 Maybe if I paint the trim white it won't stand out so bad.

We went through a million different colors. The one we finally chose was Valspar 'Smoke Infusion'. It's the perfect grey/blue/green. It looks good in every light and it opens the space so much and has a nice calming feel to it. We need calm around here!

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